Does My Child Need a Tutor?

You want the best for your child – the best toys, the best clothes, and for their future, the best education. After all, that will likely determine the quality of the rest of their lives! Yet, many parents get too busy with everyday stuff to notice when their children need help with school. Children who struggle in school are unlikely to ask you for help. But they need it. With every passing day the gaps in the material they missed at school get bigger and bigger. Most school teachers cannot go back to fill those gaps for your children: they have many other children to worry about! And so your children get left behind. This is where we can help. Academic Center has been providing after school academic support to students since 2003. Whether your children are gifted or need a little help, you owe it to yourself to give them the tools to succeed in life. It’s your children’s future!

Warning signs when tutoring is needed.
When your child is sick, you struggle with the best course of action. Is a doctor’s visit needed, or will dry toast do the trick? Similarly, when your child is struggling in school, you wrestle to find solutions. Your concerns are many, and your questions far outnumber the answers you’re hearing.

With all of our hearts, we want our children to succeed, to meet and even exceed the benchmarks that have been set for them in school. Tutoring is one answer, but it must be the right kind of tutoring – one that takes learning styles into account. The best tutoring builds a student’s skills until mastery is achieved. It should focus on current coursework, instead of adding to it.

As teachers and as partners with parents, we have learned to read the warning signs that point to a need for tutoring assistance. These tips will help you to carefully observe your child, and then take action to provide needed academic support.

How do I know if my child lacks Academic Skills and needs tutoring?
There are many possible signs that your child needs academic help. They could occur at any time in your child’s school career. One common thread is when you repeatedly see inappropriate behavior or when your child’s teacher repeatedly expresses concerns about your child. Here are some possible signs.

Here are some typical symptoms that may indicate a need for tutoring:

Classroom behavior:

  • Your child tries to do homework, but never seems to finish it.
  • Missing 2 or more weeks of instruction
  • Falling 5 to 7 assignments behind in school work
  • Performance on chapter tests is poor
  • Deficiencies noted on midterm reports
  • Reading is below grade level
  • Gaps in grade level performance exist due to changing school districts or illness
  • Behavior problems develop as a distraction to avoid facing a lack of success in school


Student’s general behavior:

  • Your child often refuses to do homework, acts out in school, daydreams in class, is unruly at home, is disrespectful towards others, or is a discipline problem.
  • Your child continually seems to be missing the confidence or motivation to do school work or homework. He typically gives up easily or frequently does not want to try.
  • Your child’s teacher repeatedly expresses concerns about his or her ability to succeed, says important school skills are missing, or wants him or her retained.
  • Poor test performance
  • Unsatisfactory grades despite knowing the material
  • Lack of success in school
  • Complaints about physical discomfort when facing a test
  • Lacks confidence in schoolwork
  • Unprepared for college entrance or career gateway tests
  • Cannot meet changing school requirements


How can Academic Center help?
We would be happy to answer any questions you might have about tutoring from Tutor Center. For many students, this is a very effective way to strengthen, enhance and even perfect the skills and subjects that are so important for success in our world.
Our Diagnostic-Prescriptive-Individual Tutoring Approach can help your child succeed in school. We diagnose the academic problem, prescribe a solution, and tutor your son or daughter to improve Academic Skills.