Homework Help

The amount of homework your child is assigned continues to increase with every grade and it is important that your student learns the skills and habits necessary to independently manage daily homework assignments with confidence.

As students progress through middle school and high school, school work and homework become more difficult, especially in subjects such as math and science. Some students may also have a deficiency in fundamental areas such as reading, writing, or math that contribute to homework struggles.

To assist your student with homework, we provide:

  • Help catching up on any missed skills and lessons. Our tutors re-teach and reinforce the concepts a student has not mastered in the past, which might have led to the difficulty in the first place. Students are provided an opportunity to practice and cement new skills until they can handle homework independently. We work closely with classroom teachers to collaborate efforts.
  • Extra instruction in class material and concepts is offered to students, using their own textbooks. We also use our own materials to provide supplemental instruction to correct knowledge and skill gaps.
  • Better organizational skills and study habits.
  • A dedicated place and time where a trained teacher can help with assignments.

Are you interested in private lessons?

Students may register at any time throughout the year for after-school, Saturday morning, and summer sessions. Please visit or call us at the following:

8567 Refugee Road
Pickerington, OH 43147
Phone: (614) 862 – 4321

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