We understand that every child learns math differently, and successful learning requires a focus on the individual. Math tutoring, from remedial to enrichment levels is based on each student’s specific needs.

Academic center’s math programs are designed to rebuild the critical foundations by focusing on fluency with whole numbers, algebra, number sense, measurement and fractions. The program scaffolds these topics even further, moving from basic concepts to more complex operational work. Students spend more time on key concepts over the course of multiple lessons, providing the time they need to learn, process, and build a deep understanding.

Our custom approach to math tutoring will:

  • Eliminate homework stress
  • Improve your child’s performance in school
  • Build your child’s confidence for success now and in the future


Elementary Math
Academic Center’s approach to math instruction is sequential, logical that helps students learn basic math skills in three general categories: basic math facts, computation, and concepts & applications. Mastering these skills provides students with the math help they need for advancement to higher level math classes.

Basic Math Facts – Students learn and master basic single digit operations in addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Our tutors provide the math help your child needs to develop accuracy and speed which translates into confidence and success as he or she progresses. These basic math skills provide the foundation for math comprehension that will lead to success as the student moves on to more complex math operations.

Computation – Core computation skills are learned in the areas of whole number operations, fractions, decimals, and at some levels, integers, percentages, and pre-algebraic expressions. With math help in these areas, your child is prepared to advance to the next levels quickly and successfully.

Concepts & Applications – This element of the program deals with concept formation, reasoning, and problem solving. The specific math skills areas learned include: numeration, fraction concepts, decimal concepts, estimating, basic measurement concepts, geometry measurement concepts, problem solving, exponents, graphics, probability and statistics, and ratios.

Middle School & Junior High Math
Students may need help for many reasons. Whether a student was absent from class, or is embarrassed to ask questions on material already covered. If you see your child struggling with algebra concepts, it is important to get algebra help as soon as possible.

Our middle school instruction provides the confidence and fundamental skills that are required to perform well in high school and beyond. Tutoring programs will ensure mastery in key areas including multiplication and division, algebraic reasoning, problem solving, geometry and more!

Students in middle and high school taking higher level math classes often need support to understand new concepts, do well on tests, and maintain excellent grades. Math tutoring involves providing math homework help to students, and in addition improving their math foundation skills when needed. In addition to the student’s textbook, we utilize a huge inventory of practice exercises when additional practice is needed.

The math concepts in pre-algebra and algebra make up a large portion of the content on tests like the SAT and the ACT. Missing just one or two concepts in algebra can lead to poor test grades. And because all new concepts depend on previously learned rules, gaps in a student’s algebra foundation can quickly lead to frustration with math in general as well as an overall lack of confidence.

High School honors, college prep and AP math
We offer math homework help with basic, college prep, honors, and advanced placement levels. In the summer, math tutoring involves cementing the fundamental math concepts from the year completed and introducing students to the math concepts they will encounter the following school year.

Areas of instruction include:

  • Algebra 1 & 2
  • Geometry
  • Trigonometry
  • Pre-calculus
  • Calculus
  • Statistics

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