More About SAT ACT

People often call and ask us, “How many sessions do I need before I will be ready for the exam?” The answer to that question varies for each student. We will respond with the following questions for you:

  • What type of student are you and what level of classes are you currently enrolled in (any advanced placement or honors courses)? Tell us about your most recent report card. Are you stronger in reading comprehension versus math, or equal in both?
  • What was your score on the ACT/SAT? Do you feel like that was an accurate reflection of your ability?
  • What are your goals? What types of colleges are you interested in applying to? What are their ACT/SAT score ranges from the class they recently admitted?
  • What type of commitment are you willing to make? For the students who have worked hard in our test prep programs, phenomenal results have been their reward. Are you willing to make that sacrifice also?
  • After listening to your answers, we can make a determination about how much ACT/SAT preparation you need and whether you should take the class or opt for individualized tutoring.

Academic Center’s Test Prep is far superior to the quality of programs offered by the nationwide chains. Our success as a company is based on our fine reputation in the Pickerington and surrounding areas – not by expensive advertising campaigns. We get 90% of our business from client and counselor referrals and return customers. We can’t afford to let our students fail. To show our commitment, we will honor any guarantee offered by any competitor in Fairfield and Franklin counties. Students must attend all lessons and complete all homework and take at least 3 full length mock exams for each test they are taking (SAT & ACT). Make up classes can be arranged for absences due to illness. Guarantees will be honored for students taking our 35 hours instruction.

If a student fails to improve his or her score, we will work with that student for free on a one-to-one basis until he or she achieves at least a 200 point gain on the SAT or a 2 point gain on the ACT, regardless if the student signed up for a group class or private lessons.

Point gain is based on the initial mock exam taken at Tutor Center or a previously administered College Board SAT or American College Testing ACT exam.

We cannot guarantee results if students take fewer than 35 hours of instruction or do not take the mock exams at our center.

More for your money! Guaranteed.
If after enrolling and attending the first session, you are not convinced that Academic Enrichment Center’s college test preparation is the best program for you, simply notify us within 48 hours of your first session and return your materials for a full refund.

What is the best study strategy for me?
The key to success on standardized tests is knowing which tests to take, when to take them, and how to study. This can seem like a daunting project – we can help! Make an appointment to meet with Director, Academic Enrichment Center. He will review your test scores and help you organize a study plan based around your particular needs.

When should I start preparing for the SAT and ACT?
Sophomores and freshmen should start reading more challenging material in their free time, both fiction and nonfiction, and work on building a stronger vocabulary. Most students will wait until their junior year to take their first test. If students are very busy with sports and activities, they should take their prep course during the summer before their junior year. They can take their first ACT in September and SAT in October. They should then continue to take practice tests and take their best test (either SAT or ACT) one more time in the spring. If time is not a problem or summers are already booked, then students can opt for weekday evening classes or Saturday classes which run throughout the year. We suggest taking both the ACT & SAT for the first time by March or April and taking one of them a second time in May or June.

When is the best time to take a prep course?
The ideal time to prepare is the summer prior to your junior year if you have completed Algebra 2. If you are planning to take Algebra 2 during the first semester and you have a very busy extracurricular schedule, you should still take it during summer. Most students fail to realize how demanding their schedules are during junior year and most prep classes require at least 3-5 hours per week of class time and homework. If you can take an August prep class, you will be ready for the September ACT and will have plenty of time during the school year to refine your skills and take it again. If you can’t take a summer class, or feel that you need more math, begin your prep early in the school year to give yourself enough time to take it more than once.

Is it too late to take the tests my senior year?
No, it’s not too late to take the tests your senior year. You can take SATs in October and November of your senior year. Check with the colleges where you want to apply for application deadlines.