A gap in a child’s reading foundation can make learning more difficult in almost every subject. Based on our skills assessment, we’ll develop a custom learning plan to pinpoint the exact reading skills your child needs to become a more confident reader. Our tutors employ a wide variety of lessons and formats in order to provide reading help and cater to the individual learning styles of each student.

Our reading programs incorporate Common Core State Standards and are based on the “Big 5” (phonemic awareness, Phonics, Fluency, Vocabulary, and Comprehension) reading components as defined by the National Reading Panel.

Early Reading Program
ACADEMIC ENRICHMENT CENTER’S Early Reading Program is available to children who have not started school, but are ready to begin preparing for kindergarten! A proven multi–sensory approach is used, allowing your child to see, hear, touch and move as he builds his reading foundation.

Our program is designed to instill a love of books and reading, while developing reading readiness skills. Your child’s tutor will focus on phonics, language, letter recognition, sound knowledge and listening comprehension.

Beginning Reading
ACADEMIC ENRICHMENT CENTER’S Beginning Reading provides basic reading skills to students in kindergarten through second grade, or to older students needing review. Students benefit from an integrated approach to reading that combines letter and word recognition, phonics, vocabulary, and comprehension.

Our Beginning Reading Program employs a wide variety of material that caters to the learning style of each student and helps students maintain a high level of enthusiasm.

Academic Reading
Designed for all students, Academic Reading Program helps students to develop both the base skills and higher level critical thinking skills needed for success in reading. This program is appropriate both for remediation and enrichment for comprehension and vocabulary.

Each personalized Academic Reading Program emphasizes the following four key components of reading:

Fluency – the ability to read quickly and accurately. Developing fluency takes time, and your child will continue to improve this important skill throughout his academic career.

Phonics and Word-recognition – skills necessary for decoding new or unfamiliar words.

Vocabulary – Students gain the ability to recognize the meanings of words by learning reading skills related to the use of synonyms, antonyms, affixes, multi-meaning words, and appropriate word choices in the context of phrases, sentences and paragraphs. Vocabulary development is critical for middle school and high school students who are college-bound and will be taking the SAT/ACT.

Comprehension is the ultimate goal of reading. A student is started with material he can read successfully. Critical reading comprehension strategies are then taught explicitly to the student, including finding the main idea, making inferences, drawing conclusions, finding facts, detecting the sequence, etc. Throughout reading tutoring, the student is taught strategies such as visualization, using context clues, and scanning for information. As a student’s ability and confidence grows, so do the lengths of the passages and the complexity of the reading material. Students can also learn strategies for approaching different reading tasks such as literature and textbooks.

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