Why Choose Academic Enrichment Center?

At Academic Enrichment Center, our students take the right step to academic success! Here are some reasons why:

  • With reasonable rates and a focus on achieving maximum growth in minimum time, you’ll find that Academic Center programs provide the best value to parents. And, no contracts at our center means the decision to keep your child in the program is based on the results that you see.
  • A proven curriculum aligned with Common Core State Standards.
  • Individual learning programs that are designed to meet the needs of each student, from special education to the gifted. One-on-one tutoring is done at our center in carefully laid out workstations, with each student focusing on his or her learning program.
  • Highly qualified and experienced teachers who take a keen and personal interest in each student.
  • Close contact and collaboration with your child’s classroom teacher and guidance counselor.
  • On going parent conferences to discuss student’s progress and the next steps for achieving his/her academic goals.
  • More than twenty years of experience of providing tutoring services and a demonstrated record of success, stability and accomplishment!
  • Locally owned and operated, it is a unique learning center in Ohio as it is not part of any franchised chain.

Our Prescription for Success

The world of tutoring is full of quick-fix solutions designed to get students through one test or assignment; but Academic Enrichment Center has a different approach. We identify and address the unique skills and learning styles of each individual student because we recognize that every student is unique and learns differently.

Our educational plan has the following components:

Academic Skills Assessment
A comprehensive battery of subject-specific, standardized tests is performed to identify the specific areas in which the child is struggling. This approach ensures that no time is wasted teaching skills your child has already mastered, enabling your child and our teachers to devote the time and effort necessary to master the specific skills your child needs.

Needs Analysis and Customized Learning Program
An in-depth analysis of the test results is done and a personalized learning program is developed to address his or her academic needs, short- term and long- term goals, and parental objectives.

Instruction Sessions
Our combination of direct instruction and both guided and independent practice ensures that your child receives the guidance needed to develop as a successful, independent learner. The frequency of weekly sessions and the length of the program are determined by each student’s specific goals and needs, as identified by assessment test.

Partnership and communication
By working collaboratively with parents and schools, we collectively provide the attention and guidance your child deserves. With your permission, our staff can meet with your child’s teachers, and guidance counselor to keep them informed of your child’s individual progress and areas of need at Academic Center and in the classroom. It is a priority at the Center to maintain an open flow of communication with parents. Parents are informed of their child’s progress through frequent, informal conferences as well as periodic progress reports.